5 Most Popular Social Media Blogging Website for Free in 2021

There are lots of people who want to teach someone or share his/her knowledge but nobody has time to sit and share his/her knowledge with others. So here are the 5 most popular social media blogging websites where you can share your ideas and knowledge with a lot of people at the same time.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 most popular social media blogging websites where you can start blogging free. Here are the huge opportunities for those guys who are intelligent in any subjects or have some special skill/tricks that nobody no about that.

The best thing about these blogging sites is any article that you share will be available worldwide and anyone can see it from anywhere sitting at home or somewhere else.

The big surprise for you that some social media website that we discuss in this article which gives you some money as a reward for your articles or ideas that you share with its users.

Note: – For blogging, you need a smartphone or pc with a good internet connection and some basic knowledge about blogging.

*If you want to make money with blogging then you need some patience.

Here’s The 5 Most Popular Social Media Blogging Website for Free

  1. Tumblr
  2. Medium
  3. Tsu(The Social Universe)
  4. Twitter
  5. wikiHow

5 Most Popular Social Media Blogging Website for Free in 2021


What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media blogging websites. Most of the content creators uses it. Tumblr is both a microblogging platform and a social networking website which was launched in 2007 by David Carp. You can use Tumblr for microblogging as well as for social networking.

Once you start using Tumblr you will notice that there are lots of similarities between Tumblr and other popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

How to use Tumblr for blogging and social networking?

Tumblr is so easy to use that it’s hard to explain. Tumblr made itself really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it.

Here’s step-by-step method how to use Tumblr for blogging and social networking

  • Search for Tumblr.com on google or download the Tumblr app on your mobile /pc
  • Click on the Sign-up button and fill in the required details.
  • You will be redirected to the dashboard of Tumblr.
  • Customize your dashboard color and design according to your interest.
  • Set your profile picture, username, and other required details.
  • Congratulation you are now all set.
  • Start blogging and also social networking.

Tumblr Blog management

  • Dashboard: The dashboard is the primary tool for the typical Tumblr user. Tumblr users are able to comment, re-blog, and like other posts. The dashboard allows the user to upload text posts, images, videos, quotes, or links to their blog. Users are also able to connect their blogs to their Twitter and Facebook accounts; so whenever they make a post, it will also be sent as a tweet and a status update.
  • Queue: Users are able to set up a schedule to delay posts that they make. They can spread their posts over several hours or even days.
  • Tags: Users can help their audience find posts about certain topics by adding tags. If someone were to upload a picture to their blog and wanted their viewers to find pictures, they would add the tag #picture, and their viewers could use that word to search for posts with the tag #picture.
  • HTML editing: Tumblr allows users to edit their blog’s theme HTML coding to control the appearance of their blog. Users are also able to use a custom domain name for their blog.


What is Medium.com?

Medium.com is an American microblogging or online publishing platform which was launched in August 2012 by Even Williams. It has a huge collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers. Medium is most similar to Twitter.

Once an article is posted, it can be shared by other people, in a similar manner to Twitter. Posts can be upvoted in a similar manner to Reddit, and content can be assigned a specific theme, in the same way as Tumblr.

How to use Medium.com for blogging?

Medium.com is very easy to use. it is a very popular social media blogging website that helps content creators a lot. Its interface is very attractive and user-friendly. Any hatch blogger can easily understand how to use medium.com for blogging.

Here’s the step-by-step guide ‘how to use Medium.com for blogging?’

  • Go to Medium.com
  • Create a new account using a Facebook or Google account. Users may also sign up using an e-mail address.
  • Fill in further required details and complete your profile.
  • Now all are set and you are ready to write and publish your blogs on Medium.com


What is Tsu?

Tsū means The Social Universe, is an online social media and blogging website that was established in September 2019.

You can also make money online on Tsu. Tsu puts content creators first. Tsu pay content creators for their content. When advertisers pay Tsu, the content creators on Tsu earn a 50% payout on ad revenue generated from their content. The money you generate from ad revenue and affiliate commission will be added to your account every day.

Tsu shares 50% of the ad revenue generated from your content while other social media share nothing. Tsu believes that creators should be rewarded for their work.

If you want to join Tsu then there is the only way to join Tsu is with an invitation, so take the opportunity – Create a Tsu account using your phone with this invitation (click here).  

How to join Tsu(The Social Universe)?

Here’s step-by-step guide “How to join Tsu?”

  • Go through this link Click Here or search Tsu in the google play store or another app downloading sites.
  • Click to Install
  • After installation
  • Sing up using your email and fill in other required details.
  • Then you will be redirected to the dashboard of Tsu.


What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service which was launched in 2006. On Twitter users can post and interact with messages known as “tweets”.

Users can also use Twitter for microblogging. Basically, Twitter is designed for finding and sharing short updates. In fact, each post or tweet is limited to just 280 individual characters including letters, spaces, and punctuation marks. That’s not even long enough to include the first two sentences of this paragraph! 

You can use twitter for drive traffic on your website easily by sharing link of your site on twitter.

How to Set Up a New Twitter Account?

Here’s step-by-step guide “How to set up a new twitter account?”

  • Pc/desktop users search Twitter on Google and mobile users find Twitter on google play store and then install.
  • After installation click on the signup button
  • Fill in the required details you can also use email instead of the phone number.
  • Verify your phone number or email
  • After verification, your Twitter account will be created.
  • Now set your profile picture and username and now enjoy.


What is wikiHow?

WikiHow is an online wiki-style community consisting of an extensive database of how-to guides. It was founded in 2005 by Internet entrepreneur Jack Herrick.

wikiHow is one of the most popular social media blogging websites, you can write content as much long you want. If you are an owner of a website, then you can also make high-quality do-follow backlinks

On wikiHow, you can also edit existing articles to improve the quality of that content. You can use text, images, videos, and emoji’s while writing or editing an article.

How does wikiHow work?

wikiHow uses the wiki method of continuous improvement, allowing content creators or editors to add, delete, and otherwise modify content. Once an article is created, community members or wikiHow experts collaborate on it to improve its quality.

How to join wikiHow?

PC and Desktop users search wikiHow on google and mobile user downloads the wikiHow app from the google play store. Now you can read an article on wikiHow but if you want to write a new article or edit an existing article then you have to create an account using your email then you can write or edit any article on wikiHow.

so, in this entire article, we have covered the 5 most popular social media blogging websites for free in 2021. I will suggest you try everyone at least one time. If you have any query regarding this post you can easily contact us via our contact us page or by commenting.

If you like this post share it to your friend and colleagues. Thankyou.

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